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  • Pvc Knee Boots With Steel Toe

  • Men's Grabber's Steel Toe Work Boot

  • Mens Rockport Works Waterproof Adiprene

  • Grabber's Men's Steel Toe Black Oxford

    Grabber's Men's Steel Toe Black Oxford
  • Rockport Men's Steel Toe Wing Tip Oxford

    Rockport Men's Steel Toe Wing Tip Oxford
  • Reebok 6-inch Composite Toe Stealth Boot

    Reebok 6-Inch Composite Toe Stealth Boot
  • Steelite „¢ Arx Safety Trainer

    Steelite „¢ Arx Safety Trainer
  • Steelite „¢ Welted Safety Boot-black

    Steelite „¢ Welted Safety Boot-Black
  • Rhino Steel Toe Oxford

    Rhino Steel Toe Oxford

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    Special Price $44.99

  • Rhino 6-inch Steel Toe Work Boot

    Rhino 6-Inch Steel Toe Work Boot
  • Reebok Men's Sport Oxford

    Reebok Men's Sport Oxford
  • Iron Age 6-inch Tiller Composite Toe Boot

    Iron Age 6-Inch Tiller Composite Toe Boot

Grid List

1-12 of 54

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Work Boots and Safety Shoes

The US bureau of Labor Statistics report over 60,000 foot injuries a year result in lost work days. An estimated 75 percent of such injuries occur because workers were not in compliance with safety protocols. Simply put, they weren’t wearing appropriate work boots or safety shoes.

For environments where maximum protection is required, steel-toed work boots are a stable of footwear protection, capable of deflecting and protecting against impacts and puncture injuries. Tough and durable, in many industries the steel-toed boot is the go-to choice.

Slip-resistant safety shoes help prevent unexpected slips and falls which can injure more than just feet. A bad fall can cause serious fractures and sprains, including back injuries. If you work in icy conditions, such as winter roads, detachable ice traction devices give you added security.

Proper insole and arch support make for more comfortable footwear, while breathability wicks away moisture from the foot in warm environments. Well-made, comfortable, and attractive footwear is simply more likely to be worn. At TSA, we offer the finest in work boots and safety shoes in the latest styles, and at prices designed to fit your budget.