4 Biggest Tips For Bicycling On The Road

high visibility hooded pullover sweatshirtIf you’re an avid bicycler, you probably understand that there are many rules of the road that must be followed. But if you’re a newbie, you’re likely to make a couple mistakes that could compromise your safety. Here are some basic ways to keep yourself safe when biking on the road.

1. Helmet:

This should be obvious, but wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle is at the top of almost every safety list. Sure, they may not be the most fashionable accessory, but they could end up saving your life someday. Forget the helmet haters and always buckle up before getting on the road.

2. Visibility:

If you’re biking at night, drivers will definitely have a hard time spotting you. That’s why it’s important to layer on the high visibility clothing (let’s take it as a given that you’re already using bicycle lights). If it’s exceptionally cold, you may want to consider layering a high visibility jacket on top of a high visibility hooded pullover sweatshirt for added warmth and visibility. And if it’s raining, it’s ideal to invest in high vis rain gear such as high visibility rain jackets. Whatever mother nature has in store for the weather, you can rest assured that there is a high vis piece of clothing that’s designed for just such an occasion.

3. Laws:

Many inexperienced road cyclists tend to ignore or neglect traffic laws when cycling. But cyclists who ride in the streets are expected to follow the same laws as drivers. At the most basic level, that means traveling on the right side of the street (literally), understanding right of way, and signalling before turns. Always bike in a straight line, signal your intentions clearly to other drivers, and yield to traffic and pedestrians when appropriate.

4. Alertness:

Needless to say, you should always be as alert as possible when riding your bike. This means keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the handlebars. Always look both ways before turning and keep an eye out for parked cars. You should also make sure to limit distractions. While listening to music while biking is certainly enjoyable, permanent hearing loss can be caused by sounds that are louder than 85 decibels, not to mention, you won’t be able to listen for oncoming traffic or emergency sirens.

Ultimately, staying safe should be your number one priority when riding your bike. Always wear a helmet, follow the law, and stay alert. For more information about high visibility hooded pullover sweatshirts, contact Transportation Safety Apparel.

Want to Stay Safe When You’re Running? Avoid These 4 Disastrous Mistakes

reflective safety jacketIf you’re a runner, you may think you know all the rules of the road. But the fact is, many runners make common mistakes on their runs that are unsafe and should be addressed. Unsafe running practices can lead to accidents and injuries. Here are some of the most common mistakes runners make.

1.Not running against traffic:
Many runners assume that the safest direction to run is always with traffic. However, running as you face oncoming traffic is the much safer alternative because it enables runners to take full observation of what’s coming their way. If runners can’t see the traffic approaching them, they may not be able to move out of the way to avoid a vehicle in case they aren’t seen. Running on the opposite side of the road as traffic is going can prevent countless accidents and even fatalities.

2. Not making an effort to be seen:
This mostly applies when running at night, but regardless of when you run, it’s critical to make sure you’ll be visible by drivers and other pedestrians. Oftentimes, this means investing in high visibility clothing such as a reflective safety jacket, reflective pants for work, or high visibility rain jackets. It’s recommended to keep a variety of high visibility clothing on hand so that you’ll be prepared to stay visible in any type of weather.

3. Getting distracted:
Many runners have a habit of listening to music as they run. This may be safe when running on a treadmill or a track, but it should always be avoided when running on the road because not being able to hear can reduce your ability to respond to dangerous situations. This is especially important to remember if you wear headphones that cancel out all other noises. Depending on the fit, earplugs can reduce noise by 15 to 30 decibels, eliminating your ability to listen for oncoming traffic and other potential dangers.

4. Not being able to see:
While it’s important to stay visible, it’s also critical to make sure you yourself can see as well. If you’re running at night, try to bring a flashlight or head lamp to make sure you can see the path in front of you. Without a light source, you could easily run into someone else or another obstacle.

Ultimately, it’s important to prevent these mistakes while running, as they are major safety concerns. For more information about reflective safety jackets, contact Transportation Safety Apparel.

Back to Basics: Standard Regulations Regarding Safety Jackets for Construction Employees

safety jackets for construction

The average person might take around 10,000 steps per day, but a someone working in construction could take upwards of 30,000 in that same span of time. And sometimes all that walking isn’t in a very safe environment. That’s why it’s important for construction workers and their employers to know the basic regulations when it comes to high visibility clothing.

Some Basic Information

The American standard for high visibility jackets and shirts is enforced as a safety measure for anyone who might be working in potentially dangerous environments. These regulations aim to decrease the number of workplace accidents while still ensuring that a job can be properly performed. As such, it’s absolutely essential that you get a refresher every now and then.

Background Materials

In order to be approved as safety jackets for construction employees, these items need to follow strict background color guidelines. The background material on any fluorescent vest must be, as the name suggests, fluorescent. This ensures high visibility in low visibility weather conditions and while working at night. The two approved colors include fluorescent yellow-green and fluorescent orange-red.

Reflective Material

In order to provide maximum visibility, it’s important that safety jackets for construction employees include some form of reflective material. These bands, also called retroreflective bands, reflect light back to its original source. So if you’re driving with your headlights on, these bands will reflect that light back at you and make you aware of the construction employee wearing a vest or jacket.

High Performance Material

Aside from the other two requirements, the material used to make high visibility workwear must be very high quality. It must be fluorescent and able to house reflective strips at the same time. In addition, it must be durable enough for construction workers to get adequate usage out of it.

Whether you’re in the market for construction gear or safety clothing for any job that requires you to work in low visibility conditions, make sure the pieces you choose all follow these strict guidelines. It could mean the difference between being seen at night or being involved in a serious accident.

Debunking 3 Common Myths About High Visibility Clothing

high visibility long sleeve shirtsWhen it comes to pedestrian safety, many people opt for high visibility clothing to help them be seen by drivers, bikers, and other pedestrians. However, despite the popularity of high visibility clothing items such as high vis pants, high vis hoodies, high vis jackets, and high visibility long sleeve shirts, there is still a surprising number of misconceptions being circulated about this type of clothing. Here are some common myths about high visibility clothing.

  • Myth: The Federal Highway Worker Visibility Rule is unimportant.
    In 2015, 4,836 workers were killed on the job. That equals 13 deaths every day. This rule paved the way for the creation of the U.S. comprehensive worker high visibility regulation process. It applied to anyone on or near federal highways. It generally states that anybody working on roads must wear some type of high visibility clothing while on a work or construction site. This rule helped to improve the safety of construction workers throughout the nation, and it has helped to prevent countless accidents.
  • Myth: High visibility clothing is all the same.
    Another common misconception, high visibility clothing is definitely not all the same. It comes in many materials, colors, styles, features, and varieties that make each brand and garment unique from others. When shopping for high vis clothing, remember that the garment should be functional as well as visible. Consider the color (bright yellow is the most popular, with orange as a close second), the style (high visibility long sleeve shirts offer warmth as well as protection), and the brand.
  • Myth: Buying high visibility clothing online is the best method.
    While online shopping is great for buying countless other products, it’s a bit more difficult when it comes to high visibility clothing. Sure, you can read reviews and testimonials online all you want, but when it comes time to determine how you’ll like it, not being able to try it on beforehand can lead to dissatisfaction and lack of protection. It’s not uncommon for online images to be edited, so you should always be safe and try to make a trip to a brick and mortar store so that you have the ability to try on and sample a lot of different types of high vis clothing before you find the type that you like best.

Ultimately, high visibility clothing such as high visibility long sleeve shirts help to protect road workers and pedestrians everywhere. For more information about high visibility workwear and safety pants, contact Transportation Safety Apparel.