Water Resistancy and Breathability: Two Essential Factors To Consider When Purchasing Hi Vis Gear

breathable reflective rain gearFor many of those who enjoy outdoor activities that require them to stay visible, it can sometimes be a challenge to find clothing that’s visible enough while providing protection from the elements as well. If you’re considering investing in hi vis hoodies, hi vis jackets, or any other type of hi vis rain gear, here’s what you should know.

Water-Resistant VS. Waterproof:
First, when choosing hi vis rain gear, it’s important to understand the difference between water-resistant and waterproof. While water-resistant gear is lightweight and ideal for short term or less intense outings and activities, it isn’t meant to handle the true elements like wind and pouring rain. Waterproof gear, on the other hand, is fully reinforced with the durability to protect you from even the most severe weather conditions. The best way to choose between water-resistant and waterproof clothing is to consider what activities you’ll be using it for. If you’ll be doing mostly high-intensity or long-term activities, or if you have doubts about the weather conditions and want the best protection possible, waterproof gear is always the better option.

Another major factor to consider when selecting hi vis rain gear is breathability. For doing strenuous activities in warmer weather conditions, sweat is almost inevitable, and if you want to stay as cool and dry as possibly, breathability is essential. Even in dark and rainy weather conditions, breathable reflective rain gear is perfect for keeping you as cool and dry as possible while making sure you can always be seen by other pedestrians and drivers. If you’re planning on doing activities in mostly warmer weather conditions, breathable clothing is the key to staying comfortable.

Ultimately, water resistancy and breathability are two significant factors you should consider before investing in hi vis clothing of any kind. It’s also important to note that hi vis gear isn’t just for everyday leisure activities — it’s considered a safety precaution in the workplace as well, particularly in the construction industry. While the average person may walk 10,000 steps a day, a construction worker or laborer may walk more than 30,000, and it’s important for anyone near public streets and high-traffic areas to stay visible to stay safe. For more information about breathable reflective rain gear and safety rain apparel, contact Transportation Safety Apparel.

3 Common Mistakes That Will Compromise Your Workplace Safety

work shirts with reflective stripes

Staying safe while on the job, no matter what career field you’re in, is the most important aspect of work. If you aren’t careful before, during, and after any job that requires manual labor, you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself or potentially harming someone else.

Especially for brand new employees, it’s essential that you focus on your safety right from the start of your new job. According to the Institute for Work and Health in Canada, new employees in their first month at work have more than three times the risk for an injury that results in a loss of time than other employees.

Here are some common workplace mistakes that are made that often lead to injuries. Be sure to stay on top of your safety in the workplace and have an injury free career.

Not wearing high validity safety jackets or high visibility pants
If you’re working at night or even in the daylight with difficult to see conditions, it’s absolutely essential that you wear the correct gear and safety equipment throughout your time on the job. You should make sure that you purchase plenty of durable work shirts with reflective stripes, cargo work pants with reflective tape, and other high visibility clothing before you work any type of outdoor manual labor job. Whether you’re working construction on the side of the road or on an industrial job site, make sure that you and your team is donned in work shirts with reflective stripes so you can be easily identified and protected.

Going into a job without the proper training
If you don’t possess the necessary skills and knowledge going into a a new job, you run the risk of seriously harming yourself or others once you arrive. Whether it’s up to your supervisor or not, it’s your responsibility to get the necessary training so you can effectively accomplish any task.

Working on an empty stomach or being overly tired
If you are full of energy going into a manual labor job, you will be alert and thinking clearly enough to take care of yourself on the job. If you are functioning on only a few hours of sleep, however, or haven’t had a sufficient meal in a few hours, you’re not going to be at your best and you’ll run the risk of injuring yourself.

Be careful everyday and before every single job to ensure your safety. If you want to check out some quality work shirts with reflective stripes or safety pants, contact Transportation Safety Apparel today.