Stay Safe As It Gets Dark: Safety Clothing Options For Popular Autumn Activities

As the days grow shorter with autumn moving along, safety clothing options on the work site extend further into activities outside of work. Just because it gets a little darker and colder outside, doesn’t mean people stop enjoying outdoor activities.

There are distinct dangers during this season that aren’t existent or, at least, as common in the spring and summer. Safety clothing companies spend quite a bit designing safety clothing options for people in a vast array of outdoor activities. Let’s look at some.

Outdoor exercise

High visibility jackets, reflective pants, and numerous athletic safety clothing options line shelves in sporting goods stores everywhere. Whether early morning or evening, visibility is limited as the year draws to a close. Suiting up for your jog, bike ride, or even just walking the dog, it’s important to wear something that will clearly tell vehicles and fellow pedestrians “here I am, please steer clear!”


Hunting season is open for bows and is right around the corner for guns. High visibility clothing isn’t only essential during hunting season, it’s the law to wear it. Every year, there are fatal hunting accidents when limited visibility ends with a hunter shooting another hunter in tragic accidents. Stay safe, stay seen. Also, permanent hearing loss can happen when you’re exposed to sounds louder than 85 decibels. You’re not too cool for ear protection when shooting firearms, so don’t neglect it.


Whether a veteran hiker or just someone who wants to soak in the beauty of autumn foliage, it’s good to be wary. The aforementioned hunting accidents have been known to occur when people walking in forests wander inadvertently into a hunting area and are mistaken for wildlife. Hike wearing bright colors, be wary of hiking in unfamiliar areas, and try to avoid situations with low or limited visibility.

Don’t hide away in your house until spring. We’re in the midst of one of the most beautiful seasons. Get out there and enjoy it. While you’re enjoying it, a little safety goes a long way. Stay seen this season and soak in the fall as much as possible.

‘Dangerous Jobs’ Take On A New Form As FBI Clear Booby Trapped House

Work injuries are a fact of work. They’re mostly avoidable and work is generally injury free, but there come times that danger rears its ugly head and causes trouble. One study shows that it’s employees in their first month of working at a new job who are three times more prone to injuries than others. That said, some jobs are a bit more dangerous than others. Like the FBI, for instance.

Safety jackets for work take on a whole different form when emblazoned with the letters FBI. Such was the case when an FBI team was tasked with clearing a property in Oregon. Typically, you don’t need the FBI to clear a foreclosed property that’s being repossessed, but in this case, they proved essential.

Oregon resident Gregory Rodvelt was the former homeowner that called for an FBI sweep. When his property was repossessed, authorities suspected it might be dangerous. In the past, he had been charged with illegal possession of explosives and, if that’s not enough, the property had a posted sign that warned of improvised explosive devices.

Naturally, the judge who ordered the property to be repossessed urged caution. And rightly so.

The FBI team found several different booby traps outside the house, some utilizing steel animal traps, while another took the form a trap that would discharge a shotgun shell. Most of them were avoided and disarmed by the FBI team, but when they entered the house, another shotgun shell was discharged, hitting an agent in the leg. Most types of safety clothing won’t stop a shotgun shell at point blank range and this was no exception. The agent was injured but is fine now.

Rodvelt, however, was apprehended in Arizona and is being charged with the assault of a federal officer. He later confessed and gave details on how he set up the traps, even talking about the house saying, “I would not race right in.”

When you’re getting ready and dreading safety jackets for work or any other type of safety workwear, reflect on the FBI sweep of Rodvelt’s booby-trapped house. Suddenly, wearing high visibility construction clothing won’t seem quite as much of a burden.