3 Pillars Of Construction Site Safety

safety clothing companyThe construction site is one of the safest dangerous places one can be. Meaning that the hazards are definitely there, but the precautions taken to keep people out of harm’s way are also much higher than many other places. A safety clothing company deals with the personal aspect of this, but there is much more to be aware of.

The precepts of construction site safety have been carefully tailored over a long time. While young people ages 16 to 19 average four missed days of work per injury on average, and people over 65 sustain the fewest injuries, the hazards are still there, lurking around every corner. There are three pillars of safety that tackle the dangers of the construction site at the base level. Let’s take a look at them.

General site safety

A site itself is fraught with danger. Proper fencing off, signage, equipment storage, material disposal, etc. are all parts of having a safe site setting. When project managers focus solely on particular safety aspects, yet neglect to realize that poorly stored supplies or ill-disposed of scraps can be just as inadvertently harmful, they’ve not encompassed the whole picture.

Personal bodily safety

Once a site as a whole is managed safely, the focus should turn to the human beings on the site on a daily basis. Here is where high visibility workwear like orange safety vests, reflective work safety shirts, and all manner of safety uniforms come into play. Workers can wear all the safety clothing in the world, but without consistent training and safety brush-ups on-site awareness, they’re not quite as useful. Keep professional development relevant and regular.

Equipment hazards

Finally, the heavy and light machinery that populates any construction site requires training for safe usage. Only qualified, trained personnel should be working with such equipment. Don’t slack on operational hazards when site, and personal, safety is a risk factor.

Don’t stop with the safety clothing company, really analyze the site of your project and take every factor into account. Because of the differences between sites, there is no safety blueprint transferrable between all construction sites, but beginning with these three pillars will have you starting on the right foot.

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