3 Recreational Activities that Warrant High Visibility Clothing

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The world is a dangerous place. Between work and play, as resilient as human beings are, we’re pretty injury prone. Allow an example:

Whilst driving along you may see a team of construction workers or a crossing guard when school is letting out for the day. They’re usually (if not always) wearing high visibility clothing like a fluorescent vest or any manner of safety workwear. The point is, it’s easily seen. In 2015, it was estimated that there were 4,836 accidental work-related deaths. That’s 13 daily.

It’s a tragic, sobering statistic. There will always be accidents, whether at work or not. We’re here to help bring a mindset of safety to you, be it while on the construction site or taking a bike ride. Most focus is applied to workplace safety, but what about when you’re off the clock? Here are some common leisure activities that call for safety hoodies and other forms of high vis clothing.

Running and Biking
The ubiquitous orange safety vest is often associated with outdoor work. The same should be done with outdoor exercising, especially in congested areas with automobile traffic. Running and biking are particularly hazardous in faster moving urban areas but should be treated with the same amount of caution wherever they’re being done.

The amount of high visibility workout apparel is encouraging. Stylish safety sweatshirts, rain jackets, bike helmets, and more give options to help you stay as visible as a traffic cone — only much better looking. For the fashion conscious cyclist, you can even purchase hipster-approved safety hoodies before your next ride.

Hiking and Snowsports
While winter is in full swing, many people like to get on the slopes, snowshoes, cross-country skis, or just take a relaxing winter stroll. On the ski mountain, it’s recommended to wear more visible clothing as goggles sometimes have a tendency to obscure plainer colors. Contrasting against snow and trees is essential to staying away from collisions with other riders, which is why high vis clothing is so common on the ski slopes.

Many hiking trails share the road with snowmobiles and ATVs in the winter (as well as the summer). As it gets chillier, your group should add safety sweatshirts to their outfits. Staying visible to fast-moving vehicles in any season should absolutely be a part of your hiking uniform. Just because you’re off the road or sidewalk doesn’t mean abandoning trail safety. However, being visible will not stop you from running into trees. Gravity can be a brute.

Late fall into early winter, hunting seasons for various wild game animals are open. Every year there are tragic stories of people being mistakenly killed. You should never shoot at something you can’t fully identify, but the reason the hunter’s blaze orange exists is to make yourself visible to other hunters.

This can similarly be applied to hiking. If you’re hiking outdoors and it is hunting season, extra caution should be taken. If you aren’t a hunter at all, remember that in your woodland hike, being distinctly visible will keep you safe and not mistaken for an animal. Last we checked, animals don’t wear orange or neon green.

Let’s avoid injury and accidents this new year. Whether safety sweatshirts while going on a bike ride or high visibility workwear at the construction site, keep yourself seen and keep yourself safe. Work hard, play hard, but stay bright and pay attention.

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