Safety Clothing for a Hot, Wet Summmer

reflective vest

There is a popular saying: April showers bring May flowers. If we were judging only by this year, however, we would have no way of knowing how effective the April showers have been, for any flowers that might have grown were quickly drowned in the showers of May, June, and July. And from the looks of it, August looks to be a rainy month as well.

While a wet summer may be an inconvenience to most people, it is especially challenging for those who work in road construction and other labor intensive and outdoor jobs. You must constantly be negotiating between the heat, the rain, and the need for high visibility clothing such as reflective vests and high visibility pants.

In order to help you better weather the elements in safety and comfort, we’ve put together this guide to the ideal soaking summer wardrobe.

Steel Toe Boat Shoe
Finding the right footwear that maximizes your comfort and safety is important. With a steel toe boat shoe, you have the same great protection of other safety shoes but built in a way to allow for breathability, unlike rubber work boots.

Additionally, these shoes have a moisture-wicking lining made of nylon mesh that helps to keep your feet dry even during a torrential downpour.

High Visibility Rain Jacket
It can be hard on a scorcher of a day to put on a jacket rather than a reflective vest, but when the rain is coming down in sheets, you will be grateful for the gear. The best thing to do is find equipment that will satisfy both your need to stay cool and your need to stay dry.

Look for a jacket that is made from a lighter material and that incorporates features that facilitate breathability: by-swing back and underarm grommet holes are handy for this purpose.

A Visored Hat
New employees are significantly more likely to be hurt on the job than more experienced workers. According to Institute for Work and Health in Canada, in the first month of employment, you are over three times as likely to receive a lost-time injury. The reason for that is because more experienced employees know what to look out for.

Of course, you won’t be able to see any impending danger with rain in your eyes. That is why you need to have a hat with a visor that can stand up against the weather and keep rain from interfering with your vision.

Rain and heat are an unwelcome duo. While reflective vests are essential, there are a number of additional clothing items that can help to keep you cool and dry. Hopefully, this guide has made you aware of what safety clothing will best arm you from this unusual combination.

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