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Bands and Covers

Bands and Covers

ANSI-certified reflective clothing provides the best possible protection for employees who need to be clearly visible, but not all jobs call for full-ANSI visibility. Sometimes you just want a little extra visibility without investing in a new set of work clothes. Reflective bands and covers offer a solution.

Elasticized reflective armbands are available in a range of bright colors, and attach to the arms easily with a simple hook and loop closure. Some include a clear pocket to hold employee ID badges, safely securing the badge within easy reach without the need to use a lanyard, which could get caught in moving machinery.

Shin reflectors wrap securely around the lower legs to offer additional protection. Unlike arm bands, shin reflectors may have an ANSI Class E certification, which can be combined with any Class 2 or Class 3 jacket to create a Class 3 outfit, adding extra visibility when you need it most.