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Cleaning Tools

Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Industrial cleanups require specialized equipment to effectively deal with oils, chemicals, and other spills that, handled incorrectly, pose serious health hazards. TSA’s line of industrial cleaning supplies allow you to handle such threats as safely as possible.

Our products include lightweight spill pads capable of absorbing solvents, acids, bases, petroleum-based liquids, collants, and solvents quickly, and oil-absorbent “socks” to contain and clean oil-based accidents. Durable, non-sparking plastic shovels offer a safe way to clean up flammable spills, where a spark from an iron shovel striking the work floor could spell disaster. For a handy, portable kit, consider the Universal Truck Spill Kit, including safety googles, nitrile gloves, and yellow disposal bags.

A clean workspace is a safer workplace. These supplies help make that possible.