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Medical Supplies

Medical Safety Supplies

Workplace injuries can be as minor as a scratch or as serious as a traumatic brain injury. With OSHA reporting 4.3 million total work-related injuries and illnesses every year, providing adequate medical supplies is an essential part of any workplace safety program.

Which medical supplies you need depends on the nature of your industry and your specific workplace. For instance, while all workplaces require a general first-aid kit, industries working with harmful chemicals may need emergency showers, particulate respirators, and eye wash stations that allow for immediate medical attention.

Individual employees may also have specific health problems or conditions which need to be communicated to first responders. “In case of emergency” ID tags store an electronic summary of medical information securely and privately, but readily available should accidents occur.

Your employees have a right to a safe work environment. Providing emergency medical supplies—and training employees in the use of such supplies—brings your workplace closer to this ideal.