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Cooling Products

Cooling Products

When the temperature soars, it’s important to keep workers as cool and hydrated as possible. the issue isn’t just one of comfort: OSHA reports dozens of workers die from heat every year, with one-third of fatalities occurring in the construction industry.

Proper hydration, breathable clothing, and cooling headgear are your employee’s best defenses against heat stress and heatstroke. Breathable hats, caps, and bandanas wick sweat and moisture away from the body, and can be soaked in water prior to wearing to maximize coolness.

Workers in hard hat zones find hard hats quickly become uncomfortable in high temperatures. Liners and pads containing advanced polymer cooling crystals are easily attached to hard hats, and provide relief from heat—just soak in water before use. And if the worse happens and workers fall victim to heat stress, evaporative cooling towels help lower body temperature quickly.