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Whistles & Lanyards

Whistles and Lanyards

In a loud work environment, it can be difficult to get workers attention. Machinery, assembly lines, and vehicles produce enough noise you have to shout to be heard even after implementing noise-reduction solutions. In large factories, warehouses, or outdoors, workers may simply be too far away to hear you.

When you have to get the attention of everyone in the area immediately, few things work better than an emergency whistle. Safety whistles produce high-pitched signals ranging from 90 to 120 decibels. The whistle cuts across ambient noise, produces a sound that cannot be mistaken for anything else, and can be heard over a large distance.

Look for whistles with no working parts, as these will perform wet or dry and in all temperatures. The small size of a whistle makes it easier to carry than other means of attracting attention—just attach it to a lanyard and it never need leave your side.