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Meet the Team

  Trey Trimble - At TSA I am the COO and handle everything from technology purchases to grunt IT work to inventory. Outside of TSA I am a vegan that loves to cook and find new recipes. I also love the outdoors video games and programming. I would describe myself as someone that likes to work and also likes to have fun. I have a collection of action figures not "toys" that go from Wolverine to Connor Kenway from Assasins's Creed. Thanks for stopping by! 
  Nathan Redmond - I am a Customer Service Representative here at TSA and I will handle your customer needs and requests. I also troubleshoot any issues or concerns our customers have and will try to resolve them to your satisfaction. Personally, I am originally from upstate New York and am a sports fan of the Yankees, Giants, and Knicks. I also like going camping, going to the beach, going out to restaurants, cooking, playing softball and tennis. Did I mention I like sports?
  Gerlad Hartman - At TSA I am the head of quality control in the warehouse. I handle anything from picking orders, receiving in inventory to shipping out your orders. When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with my children and playing video games. I would describe myself as a very blunt and honest person. I love football and helping people.